Personal Injury Cases

Compensation After Motor Vehicle Accident

This client suffered a leg fracture in a motor vehicle accident while traveling to visit relatives during the holidays. We were able to get the limits on two insurance policies, $125K, and awards for each of five other passengers in the vehicle.

Compensation for TBI From Motor Vehicle Collision

This client was involved in a relatively minor motor vehicle collision, which resulted in a traumatic brain injury that caused her cognitive losses and disabled her from being able to work at her teaching job and lose wages for one year. We were able to get this client the limits on two policies of $100,000 and are negotiating further compensation on a third policy.

Compensation for Special Damages

The client was involved in a motor vehicle accident, wherein, the client suffered a whiplash injury. We were able to get the client nearly four times her special damages.


Employment Cases

Overturning a Denial of Retirement Benefits

After a life-altering injury, a client in their thirties was unable to get the state to approve retirement benefits. Our office appealed the denial and had it overturned. After notifying the client of the decision, she sent an email response: “…This doesn’t feel real. It felt like this day would never come. Thanking you feels insufficient. You can’t imagine what this means for me and my family.”

Wrongful Termination from a Hospital

This technician was fired by hospital after 30 years of dedicated work for allegedly violating hospital rules. The client had become vocal about dangerous conditions in the operating room.

We filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Hampshire, alleging that our client was fired in retaliation for her complaints. One week before trial the case was settled in an undisclosable amount which was deemed sufficient by our client.

Wrongful Termination by the State

This young State employee was terminated for alleged misappropriation of office equipment.

Vanacore Law appealed the termination to a hearing before the Personnel Appeals Board. The board’s decision reinstated the employee and awarded him back pay from the date of termination to the date of reinstatement.


Workers’ Compensation Cases

First NH Permanent Total Disability Benefits

Our client had worked for a service company for 27 years before he sustained a neck disc herniation. After surgery he returned to work in less than 60 days, full duty. Two years later, he suffered a second cervical disc herniation. His second and third surgeries were not successful. He was only able to return to desk work, 2 hours per day, three days per week, receiving Temporary Partial Disability (TPD) payments from the workers’ compensation insurance carrier. After he reached the maximum allowable weeks of TPD, the carrier cut off his payments.

Our firm filed for Permanent Total Disability payments and after an appeal to the Compensation Appeals Board, received what is believed to be New Hampshire’s first award for Permanent Total Disability benefits for an employee who continued to perform some work for pay at his original place of business.

Workers’ Compensation for Injury on the Job

This middle-aged client was no longer employable after a disc herniation from a fall onto his back at work. The case had to go all the way to the New Hampshire Supreme Court, but our client was awarded payment for his back surgery and other treatment, along with disability pay from the date of injury until he is rehabilitated to being able to work, if ever, and if not, for life.

Workers’ Compensation for Partial Disability

The client sustained a shin bruise at work that later resulted in a pulmonary embolism which partially disabled him. The claim was initially denied. We appealed to the Compensation Appeals Board. Before the hearing, with the client’s approval, we entered into settlement negotiations and got an offer of $100K.

Workers’ Compensation for Denied Benefits

In this client’s case, the WC carrier denied benefits. We had to take the matter to the Compensation Appeals Board to get justice. The client received medical benefits and payments.


Contract Law Cases

Settlement for Medical Lien

A lawsuit was filed against our client and his parent’s estate for nursing home care his mother had received. We were able to negotiate a settlement, wherein, the outstanding medical lien was settled for pennies on the dollar.

Insurance Settlement for Water Damage

The property carrier paid the client less than $6K for a water damage claim. Our office pursued the claim with the insurance company and was able to get the client an additional $20,000.

Construction Contract Claim Defense

A client who bought and rehabbed homes at significant expense and with great attention to detail was sued for in excess of $350,000 for alleged breach of contract, fraud, and violation of the New Hampshire Consumer Protection Act. After a hard-fought pretrial litigation and negotiations, the case was settled for nuisance value at $10,000.