$17,000 Arbitration Award in Auto Accident Case!

This client was a student on her way to pick up the uniform she would wear at her graduation from nursing school in few days. After exiting Route 93 South in Manchester, she was T-boned by an RV making an illegal right turn on a red light. Our client’s vehicle spun 180 degrees. The impact caused injury to her neck and shoulders. She incurred $2,120 in medical expenses. Due to her injuries, she was forced to turn down a nursing job in her hometown of Concord. Her lost wages totaled $6,600. By the time she was able to return to work, the only position she found was in Keene. The insurance company’s last and highest settlement offer was $6,500. Attorney Vanacore filed a lawsuit in Merrimack County Superior Court and the parties eventually agreed to arbitration.

On December 19, 2016, Attorney John Vanacore received for his client an arbitration award of $17,000, covering medical bills, lost wages, and reimbursement for mileage between Concord and Keene.